Giving  one  actor  from  our  company  accommodation  for  a  week  is  the equivalent  to  a  £500  donation  to  the  company  and  costs  you absolutely nothing!  In  return  we  would  offer  you  2x  free  tickets  to  the  show  as  well  as thanks in our programme. Twin  rooms,  double rooms  and  single  rooms  are  all  welcome. Guests  will need: Easy bathroom access, access to kitchen and laundry facilities (guests will provide their own food) and their own key so that they can come and go without   disturbing   you.

Guests   will   be   instructed   to   follow   all   rules   of accommodation as laid down by you. Last  year,  wonderful  hosts  volunteered  to  house  our performers  who  came from abroad. Their feedback today is positive and heart-warming! ‘It was a great honour for me to be part of this project. I loved the fact that I could get personally involved and support [Belarus Free Theatre's] existence‘- Pavla ‘[The actor] was perfectly charming! ... I would be very happy to be part of this scheme again‘- Jakki ‘[We   are] very   pleased   to   help   Belarus   Free   Theatre   this   way,   saving expenses      while      introducing      us      to      some      wonderful      people’- Charles If you house an actor for one week, it is equivalent to making a £500 donation to  Belarus  Free Theatre!  

In  exchange  we  provide  you  with 2x  free  tickets  to the show and a thanks in our programme. Why not become a House an    Actor       host       in 2015?If  you  would  like  to  take  part  in  our  accommodation  appeal  please  contact Vasanthi at [email protected]